Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rocket Singh : Salesman of the year

Rocket Singh: salesman of the year in one word can be described as film which was "different". Different in its packaging, picturism and minute understandings of each of its main storyline protagonists.
Ranvir Kapoor does exceptional justice to his role and delivers believable facial expressions in each of the scenes with different moods throughout, be it the introdictory lighter party scene with friends celebrating graduation, the Interview at AYS sales and even the sorry giving table scene later in the movie. He looks the same person throughout, someone whom you love right from beginning to end of the movie, you sympathize with his states at times and appreciate each of its realistic non filmy mathods to battle the tough circumstances that life as an honest sales representative brings upon him.
The performance by his team ( or his wellwisher friends) in that not so friendly office is another very high point. They are all non virtual,non filmy chracters that we keep seeing in our every day life and somehow relate to them.
This movie was deceptive in terms of its promotional adds, where the lead song was missing, Rocket sales corp worked on contradictory ethics,whereas the promo portrayed ranvir as someone who might be very tactical in terms of his approach,leave about tact, what he was... in two words was straight and honest.
I also was not completely satisfied with the way Mr Puri admits his defeat in the end, it could have been thought in a more believable manner and that ego driven guy who keeps boating about his win-every-game philosphy got converted in a I-Lost person all in a matter of few weeks of sales fall.
Anyways... In all, we to the theatres with your family to watch Rocket singh,The people in the movie have thought and worked out their skin to offer you something different on screen.
A three on five (3 on 5) and a pat on the back for Ranvir Kapoor and other cast members.


Chandrika Shubham December 19, 2009 at 12:40 PM  

Nice introduction with Mr Rocket Singh. :)

Best wishes.

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