Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WTF NEWS..nothing worth talkin

A Swayambar of someone Like Rakhi and that too with the ammount of coverage that its getting!
A zero percent of mob recieving the Indian female hockey team after their return back as winner of champions trophy... had it been the same if It was cricket?
A zero ammount paid till date to saina nehwal from the money awarded to her last year by goverment, she again woh a tournament and made the country proud... do u know her? do u know sania... from the same city! I bet you do!
A 10,000 crore rupees of govt treasury wasted on stupid statues by mayawati and still no answer to SC's question
A very agrresive uma bharti replying to press that she is not at all ashamed of what happened on 6 december at ayodhya that year and she would not apologise ever



From within the silent shores
comes a screaming call
from a voice well known
An attention captured!

In the stormy night
where thunder roars
A sudden spark lits
The darkness broken!

Recalling my memories
looking back to shadows
That staring broken gaze
A story re-opens!

Some unanswered questions
certain unaccepted answers
two confused blazing eyes
Their sad spark noticed!

Drops of mist, the dew in them
falling upon me through my soul
A dusty wind blows a flash
Some vision fades into illusions!

Retracing the paths of past
falling back I shatter apart
encountering a painful truth!
A mirror witnessed!

I often doubt If I'm worthy
of what I had been blessed of
Confessing to my heart
A Dream concludes half way!

- Pulkit tiwari
(13th march , 01:27)

NOTES - I had always been hesitant to share any visual philosphical poetry at any public meduim right from childhood but have written ample ammount of strange verses, whose actual sense I believe that only I understand! In short they are poetic blunders but some mystifying words and nothing more... this one seems to be just one more like that! :D . mirror metaphor. is the key to this poetic piece actually!

ts a poem based on a dream... where i saw myself... drenched in rain...on a cold night... standing in a lonely foggy street....
suddenly a voice comes and i turn around... i feel i have heard it...i see two eyes in the dark corner of street.... i see sadness in them...i see red tears in them... and then i see that its shinking hard on me,...i go close... and when i reach the end of street...in the end is nothing... but a mirror....
its was me...those eyes were mine,that voice was mine,that sadnedd was mine... i witnessed a mirror... it was attrocious... which means cruel...as i saw myself in a very sad broken shattered state... it had atonement... which means "pashyataam in hindi", meaning regret.... about something...i become awake and dream breaks....thats the end of poem
now see the pic again.... in the blog with the poem...ul understand the whole poem


Monday, June 29, 2009

The Poetic Accents::DREAMS

yet not life is so apprehensive,
not so clean.........not so with enigma,
not so fancy on which I go naive,

still I view a second life.

a life so bitter like sorrows of bush,
so tasty like poems of mine.
my fellows...my queens,
my family....my real dreams
all meet me every night
under my eyes in my dreams.

P.S.:This was the first poem I had written on "Dream" theme and posted @ www.poemhunter.com on 9/7/2008 . Not such a big poem this is. Just posting to initiate the label DREAMS on this blog. I know all of us can write under this label!!



NUMEROLOGY:The magic of Numbers

The science of ASTROLOGY,PALMSTRY and NUMEROLOGY is quite famous all across the world.People go to Palm readers,Tarrot readers and to Numerologits to know that what is stored in for them in their future.Be it a matter of love,marriage,business or any other issue we always give importance to astrologers to give their view on our decisions regarding these issues.
Well I am lucky enough to have an Astrologer,Palm reader and a Numerologist as the head of my family.My father Mr.C.L.Verma,who is a Sr.Executive in a very reputed insurance company,has excelled himself in these sciences of stars,numbers and lines of palm.He is such a great personality that whatever he tells to people prove to be true sooner or later.Being a Sr.Executive, he doesnt get much time for this but on sundays you can see people calling him and visiting him.I asked my dad to teach me at least one thing so he finally agreed and taught me the science of Numerology.So whatever I have learnt so far I am sharing that with you.You check out what is your number and see what does your number tells about you.Here we go.........................

NUMBER 1::This number belongs to the people who first saw this planet on 1,10,19 or 28.The people with this number are the most successful people on this earth.If your number is 1 it means that you will always get success in your life.You have a strong tolerating power.You have to face struggle in life but the secret of your success is that you never get hopeless during the ups and downs in life.You have a good quality of leadership.You are tallented by birth.You want the upliftment of evryone around you and for that you can even sacrifice yourself.You understand your friends and help them in each and every circumstances.You make everyone your friend and you believe in holding on that friendship for lifeterm.You have a generous nature.Your friends keep blind faith on you and follow you blindly.You believe in presenting your work with beauty.You see the things beyond evryone's imagination.You are lucky because success comes to your way in a very short time.You give your full attention to your goal.The decisions you take are very successful and never get spoiled.You live carefree.You are your own producers and own directors.

NUMBER 2::This number belongs to the people who first opened their eyes on 2,11,20 or 29.The people with this number are very creative and busy.If you are number 2,then you are of emotional nature.You are mentally very strong.You find happiness when others are happy and getting success.You are very supportive and cooperative.Your nature is very kind.You are the true innovaters of beauty.The way you recognise the beauty and love,others can never do that way.You have an attractive power.You may have a married life full of misunderstandings.

NUMBER 3::This number belongs to the people who cut that cake on 3,12,21,30.If you are number 3 then you have got a great personality.You are a mixture of all the qualities of number 1 and 2.You present yourself in front of others in a very beautiful and systematic manner.You have a great convincing power,you make others agree to what you talk.You are not a millionaire but your tallent and hardwork can make you a millionaire.You are spendthrift but before spending money you think thrice and utilize the money in meaningful stuff.You have a high standard of thinking and look for high designations.You may face failures in your big plans.You expect sudden changes from life.You will not get anything from brothers or family but you are always ready to help them.You also get confused most of the times while doing some important work.You love to work like busy bee.You hate interference.You have big heart.You are short tempered but that too for a short time.Travelling will bring a turning point in your life.

NUMBER 4::This number belongs to the people who blow those candles on 4,13,22 or 31.You are number 4 and so confused personality.Though you want to live a sysytematic way of life but circumstances get clumsy and your way start shaking.You always face obstacles while you do some work.You never get angry but if by chance that anger overcomes you then you never care about anything and sometimes lead to your own loss.You do work in hurry but later you regret for your mistakes.You have a soft wax nature.People often try to make use of you and even if you know that they are using you ,you keep on helping them.You face sudden changes in life.Your plans get failed most of the time because you keep on changing your plans in an hour or two.You hate criticising anyone.People love to share their secrets with you because you never reveal them.You face enemities in life but your enemies can never make any differenece in your life.You believe on others and walk on the path told by them.You spend your mst of the time in thinking rather than executing that.Sometime you get the feeling of being isolated and unimportant.You will get success in the mid 20's of your life.

NUMBER 5::This number belongs to the people who add one more year in their life on 5,14 or 23.If you are number 5,you have got a an attractive personality.You are perfect in making your place in others heart very quickly.You believe in having lifeterm relationship.You dot waste your time in useless stuff.You are very punctual actually.You love traveling.You are very intelligent and have got a sharp mind.You are very adaptable and can survive in any circumstances.You are very innovative and always new ideas keep creeping up in your mind.You want to get excelled in each and every field.You are business minded and give importance to side business.You face failures but you have a strong will power that you start the same work with double hardwork.You enjoy doing every work.You love taking chances and risks and thats the only secret of your success.People are always ready to help you.You have a great quality of learning things very quickly.You believe in success and you get success on your own.You love yourself very much.

NUMBER 6::This number belongs to the people who first felt the touch of their mother on 6,15 or 24.You are number 6 with impressive personality.You have got the real beauty.You always care about maintaining the shape of your body.You hate ugliness.You are a great lover of music,art and poetry.You spend your time on these things.You love to have antiques.You always seem to be eager o know that what is there in others mind.You love worldly things.You get success because of your plannings.You have a smiling face.People feel happy in your company.You are considered as the light of the party.You have a naughty nature as well.You cant sit at the same place for a long time.You love travelling.You dressed yourself in such a way so that evryone casts his eyes upon you.You love people who behave well.You are quite fashionable and love modernisation.You adopt latest fashion.You love white color.Your nature is quite loving and caring.You can never live alone.You want someone with you everytime.You get discouraged if the work you are doing is not going on the right way.

NUMBER 7::This number belongs to the people who brought happiness for their parents on 7,16 or 25.If your number is 7 then you are a very kind personality.People of this number are mostly philosophers and writers.You are very intelligent and evrytime keeps on thinking pure thoughts for the world.You love to take challenges and fight hard with them.You dont consider anything waste and try to make the best use of everything around you.You start your work with the worst of difficulties but once you hold on that you surely get success in that.Your imagination is os beautiful.You are more courageous and bold than any other person of any number.You love to take pain and keep on doing the work if its not done.You believe in destiny and lucky you,you have got a shining destiny that will bring success to you and will make u sit on the allevations of success.You believe in doing work with great satisfaction and new techniques.You believe in doing work in your own style,you hate copy-paste technique.You take decisions that are fruitful.You hate doing anywork under pressure and you always do what you feel is right.You have future like a shining star.You have a huge friend circle because of your sweet and friendly nature.Though you remain busy in your own but even then people around you love you and respect you.You change yourself according to circumstances.You have a sixth sense of knowing that what other person is thinking and what are his emotions for you.People can never forget you because you mark some irreplacable memories in their life.You are a good learner.You love to do adventures.Your friends are your biggest asset.

This number belongs to the people who cried first on 8,17 or 26.Your number says that you are very busy and always create confusions for others.You have quality to get success because you are courageous but circumstances bring difficulties in between.You never tell your secrets to anyone.You have seen major changes in your life that came to you all of a sudden.You never show your problems to anyone.You keep smile on your face no matter ho much tensed you are.You do work in peaceful environment and present it with beauty.You say things after knowing the weightage of that.You are simple serious and sober.If you are someone's best friend then you are someone;s worst enemy as well.You can do the worst for your enemy.You never go for the work that you don't like to do,no matter you are being served with bulks of money for that.You hate gossiping.You look stone hearted but you are very kind and loving.You hate cheap talks and pranks.You love to help poors.You love living the simple life and hate being artificial.You give importance to money and that's why always think to do it right way to earn money.You are not so religious.Business will open the doors of success for you.

NUMBER 9::This number belongs to the people who first opened their eyes on 9,18 or 27.If your number is 9 then it means you are quite bold and brave personality with strong and muscular built.You hate being defeated in any aspect.You do your work with dedication and dont think for the results.You love to take risks and chances in life.You are mentally strong as well.Sometimes you go against the society and do works that society hates.You are a leader.You appear as a stone heart person but you are very soft with the matter of heart.You love discipline and you want your work done by hook or crook.You are full of fire and spark.You are over excited.You can take advantages from others.Your anger can ruin you so keep a hold on it.You want popularity and publicity.Sometimes you create problems among your friends.You cant live in peaceful environment for long time.Be careful while riding any vehicle.Love is in full quantity with flirt.Yes you are flirty at times.You love yourself the most.You hate asking for help to others.You have a great power of togetherness even though you are not so much into social works.You will get success only if you play safe with business.


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ENQUIRY AND some blogging tips

This is dedicated to all my friends who have started blogging with this blog and learning things here too :)

@ Saruabh Bhaiya's following question -

Dear Pulkit,
Does any of your friends have a Vista operting system.I want to remove a software from my laptop but could not find the add of remove programs application in the Control Panel.
Also tell me how can I send a link of the posts which I have published to friends etc. just as you used to send links of your earlier blogs to me.Also if I want to upload a photo/picture with the text, how could I do it.I was not able to find anything as upload photo on the blog.

1 -

U followed our good old process of Start\Settings\Control Panel\Add Remove Program path. So U clicked on Start button and from there I was able to see "Settings" menu option. U clicked on that and saw "Control Panel" menu item. So far so good. Now U could not see any logo with "Add Remove Program". So I advice that u do some dig around and noticed that the new menu item or control panel item is named Program now.

After you click on "Program" item in next group of icons/options you will see option named Installed Programs. That one will give you the list of currently installed programs on your machine.

Next task I wanted to do was remove an existing program from the list. Now I am missing our good old Modify/Remove button. Since MS is doing all through windows explorer so obvious place was to look under File menu. And thats where you will see Change/Remove menu option. Use that to uninstall or modify current install of the programs.

And if you are looking for Add/Remove Windows Components option, that has been named to Windows Features. Following snap shot show what you will get if you click on Windows Features icon from previous image.

And if you are looking for Internet Information Services (IIS) related components, then you will find Internet Information Services entry in previous image and you can configure those components from that. Following image shows what that configuration entries may look like.

2 - when u just finish writing ur post...u will see below... something called "labels"

ek box hota hai end mein post writing pad k!

okies! :)

hope dikh gaya hoga ab tak....

there u can write ur name and other things in which U want to categorize ur work.... example for this post...

u can write in labels....

saurabh sinha,music,review,song,

thought provoking, recommendation etc etc!


this will help u and all readers to find related articles....( NOTE - see on the left corner of the blog page...u will see the list of all labels till date )

NOW! - notice that last two post of mine have labels.... movie review,pulkit

end mein... dikh jayengey k!
mil gaye?
now click on pulkit....

and u will get to see... that all blog posts written by me will open .... so Hope u got my point :) (THIS WAY U WILL HAVE A DIRECT LINK OF UR ARTICLES ONLY ON A SEPRATE PAGE)

[ http://friendshiptunes.blogspot.com/search/label/Saurabh ]

kuch samajh na aaya ho then pooch lena... and I am always patient :)


http://friendshiptunes.blogspot.com/search/label/Saurabh ( thats ur permanent link , :) generated because U wrote saurabh in the labels :) U CAN share it with anyone u want directly :)

keep blogging!!

OTHERWISE ... EACH BLOG TITLE WHEN CLICKED OPENS A SEPRATE PAGE AND .... thus it helps a seprate permanent link of each post :) that u can copy and share!

3 - Uploading a pic is easy....

1. pic dhund lo... ya toh net pe(I.e a pic saved in ur computer)... ya phir apne PC mein(that is a pic online and copy its URL or top adress)
2. bilkul orkut and gtalk ki tarah upload kar lo (WHILE CREATING THE POST FOR BLOG ...see the fourth item on top panel from the left...which says "add image" --> click on it) , this will bring pics on ur blog post!!
3. then drag that pic
4. then place it... above whichever para u want.
4. save ur work!
and then... 5. publish!


@ NIKHIL VERMA - cannot decrible in a comment how wonderful and spellbound job ur doing as a blogger, if I am Not mistaken THIS IS UR SECOND ARTICLE... as a blogger!
and it seems that its the 100th article... ur so so professional in ur presentation and writing nikhil :D

awesomeeeeeeee! hugs!!


U MUST HAVE NOTICED ... that ur blog post was saved as a draft for a long time and so... when u finally published it, it occupied the same spot on page... above the post which was the last published post when u started writing this post...

hope u got my point!

NOW ....

To publish a post saved in draft as the first post on page at the time of publishin....

CLICK ON POST OPTIONS... given on left hand down corner WHEN U WRITE THE POST...and set the time and date which is current :)

TRY IT AND LET ME KNOW... if something is unclear !! :D



The Cyber World

The internet or world wide web founded by Tim Berners Lee has brought about an information technology revolution and has made the world a smaller place by bridging the communication gap.It has also made our lives convenient by providing a host of services.Also one can enrich his knowledge and keep himself updated of all the latest happenings across the globe at the click of a mouse.
But the dark, ugly and evil side of the internet is far more dangerous and harmful for the society than the benifits available from it, and has wider ramifications.
Internet pornography has grown to alarming levels during the past decade.Thousands of pornographic sites which provide salacious, vulgar and obscene content in the form of videos, texts, animation and pictures are very easily accessible to appeal to the prurient interests of the viewers.It is having a very harmful impact on the society and specially the adolescents.It also encourages one to deviate from normal behaviour and commit crime.
Though many countries have enacted laws to deal with this menace including India which has framed The Information Technology Act, 2000 to deal with pornography and other cyber crimes.It has not proved much effective.
The steps taken by China in this regard are laudable and it has taken the lead in dealing with this problem.
The Government has setup a department called The China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre [CIIRC] which acts as an internet watchdog and has shut down more than 4,000 pornographic sites since January, 2009.It has even asked all the computer manufacturers to pre install an internet-filternig software called 'Green Dam Youth Escort' from July 1, 2009 before selling their products.The software would block pornographic sites and images.
It is high time that other countries setup similar departments and emulate the Chinese model in this respect and also impose similar restrictions on wap sites accessible through mobile phones so that one doesn't get trapped in the 'web' of the world wide web.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

AWESOME ANIME VIDEO - 1 (bryan adams)



Role of Media in Society

The Fourth Estate is an important pillar of our democratic system.The press enjoys freedom under Article 19 (1) (a) of the Constitution of India [Freedom of speech and expression] and should exercise this freedom in a responsible and proper manner so as to best serve the interests of the society.Freedom of the press reflects the very essence of the political liberty of a nation.But it seems in the present times the press [Electronic Media] have transgressed all limits of this freedom.They are behaving in a way, which, instead of serving their needs, are proving more harmful to the society by acting in a manner prejudicial to their interests.
The electronic media [news channels] have completely deviated from the purpose for which they are meant and it seems they have forgotten the meaning of the word 'news'.They are now the playing the diverse roles of a marriage counseller, investigative agency, legal consultant, policy maker and what not! They even intrude into the lives of people by interfering in their private affairs and showing them on television under the guise of airing it in public interest and public good.They thus invade the right to privacy enshrined under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.
What interest of the society will be served if a couple sitting in a news studio are resolving their matrimonial disputes with the help of a news anchor? It is in a way undermining the position of the Courts, the conciliators meant for the purpose, marriage bureaus etc.
Though every fundamental right is subject to reasonable restriction in the interests of the society and the nation, it is hardly exercised in respect to the press.
The media vows to evolve a self regulatory mechanism every time a hue and cry is raised against this type of conduct.
The time has come that the Apex Court lay down certain guidelines for the conduct of the press and the media so that they may behave in a responsible manner enjoying their freedom in the right earnest.


Friday, June 26, 2009

In Raahon Ki Duriyaan

On 25th June, music of the most awaiting Imtiaz Ali(JAB WE MET) movie "Love Aaj Kal" released. The album has few good songs."Twist"is fine song(I'll recommend you its remix version...more foot-tapping!!). Another good song is "ajj din chadhiya" which is typical Rahat Fateh Ali kinda stuff and worth listening.Still I like the following one.

This one will remind you 'tum se hi" from JWM.(I have written this line and now you people gonna criticise the song haha!!)

**Song :In Raahon Ki Duriyaan**

ye dooriyaan..
ye dooriyaan..
ye dooriyaan..

in raahon ki dooriyaan
nigaahon ki dooriyaan
humraahon ki dooriyaan
fanaa ho sabhi dooriyaan

kyun koi paas hai
door hai kyun koi
jaane na koi yahan pe

aa raha paas ya
door main ja raha
jaanu na main hoon
kahan pe

ye dooriyan..

in raahon ki dooriyan
nigahon ki dooriyan
hum raahon ki dooriyan
fanaa ho sabhi dooriyan

ye dooriyan..
ye dooriyan..
ye dooriyan..

kabhi hua ye bhi
khali raahon pe bhi
tu tha mere saath

kabhi tujhe mil ke
lauta mera dil ye
khaali khaali haath
ye bhi hua kabhi
jaise hua abhi
tujh ko sabhi mein paa liya

tera mujhe
kar jaati hai dooriyaan
satati hain dooriyaan
tarsati hain dooriyaan
fanaa ho sabhi dooriyaan

kaha bhi na maine
nahi jeena maine
tu jo na mila

tujhe bhoole se bhi
bola na main ye bhi
chaahun faasla

bas faasla rahe
ban ke kasak jo kahe
ho aur chaahat ye jawaan

teri meri
mit jaani hai dooriyaan
begaani hai dooriyaan
hat jaani dooriyaan
fanaa ho sabhi dooriyaan

kyun koi paas hai
door hai kyun koi
jaane na koi yahan pe
aa raha paas ya
door main ja raha
jaanu na main
hoon kahan pe

ye dooriyaan..
in raahon ki dooriyaan
nigahon ki dooriyaan
humraahon ki dooriyaan
fanaa ho sabhi dooriyaan

ye dooriyaan..
ye dooriyaan..
ye dooriyaan..

This is a soft song in the voice of Mohit Chauhan.Of course music director is Pritam Chakraborty(who else??).

P.S.:Just posting it for warm up on this blog..:). Lemme know how is it!!....HAPPY BLOGGING!!..:)



Is Micheal dead?

waked up at 10, this morning, the very first visual that I saw on television was shocking and sad as hell.
Micheal jackson submits to death!

I sob silently for about 5 minutes and then immediately went in my room and play "dirty diana", and I have a smile on my face! for some unknown reason... Did He ever died? Did janis joplin, kurt cobain, jimmy hendrix ever died? I guess... No! these people have made themselves Irreplaceble on The span of time... from the very moment these souls make their mark to the every day when even a single song of their plays in some CD player or a radio show, They Live on!

I thought how hard it might have been for Micheal to everytime move out from his home for the past decade when he was just being joked about in so many videos, and talk shows !! I feel it all is one big disgust this very moment..

I know that death of WHACO-JHAKO is just an illusion, an outer layer thats on our television screen but he was immortal, he is immortal and would always be that....

One of my earliest memory of encoutering his work was in class 3rd, about 10 years back... tapping my foot to the song "Black or white", I dint knew that time that It was a MJ classic! Then My love for Michael reached its epicentre when My brother gifted me "MJ- Number ones" on my birthday when I was in class 9th !! That is one of my most treasured cassetes still in my collection!

and My list of his favorite songs...

  1. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough"
  2. "Rock with You"
  3. "Billie Jean"
  4. "Beat It"
  5. "Thriller"
  6. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" (with Siedah Garrett)
  7. "Bad"
  8. "Smooth Criminal"
  9. "The Way You Make Me Feel"
  10. "Man in the Mirror"
  11. "Dirty Diana"
  12. "Black or White"
  13. "You Are Not Alone"
  14. "Earth Song"
  15. "You Rock My World"
  16. "Break of Dawn"
  17. "One More Chance"

Interestingly, some of Jackson's bigger hits such as "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" and "Remember the Time" were absent from the collection, while "Break Of Dawn" was present on all editions, despite never being released as a single.

First two are 80's and 90's based theme classics... but particularly for those who believe that MJ had forgot everything after 98, then pls... listen to the track "BREAK OF DAWN" and then ul know, he still had a gr8 deal of music in him....

may god bless his soul and may he finds solace in the arms of almighty whomsoever he was trying to search while switching religon, a few months back... may he witness the same faith and rest in peace! may his fans and family gets the stregth to bear this immense feeling of loss!

Today thinking about him , I recollect the lyrics of one track by him...

Another day has gone
I'm still all alone
How could this be
You're not here with me
You never said goodbye
Someone tell me why
Did you have to go
And leave my world so cold

Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did love slip away
Something whispers in my ear and says
That you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay

But you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
But you are not alone

Just the other night
I thought I heard you cry
Asking me to come
And hold you in my arms
I can hear your prayers
Your burdens I will bear
But first I need your hand
Then forever can begin

Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did love slip away
Something whispers in my ear and says
That you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay

Whisper three words and I'll come runnin'
And girl you know that I'll be there
I'll be there



Thursday, June 25, 2009


As every genre of music has its own style,own rhythm,its own lyrical quality ,scale and pitch so does there is the difference in the instruments used.Every genre of music has somewhat different musical instruments that produces a sound which makes the music style different and thus music sounds different and makes us able to choose our favorite style of music.....
Talking about country music,it is the only genre of music that has very different kinds of musical instruments that make the music so melodious,pl
easing and soulful.So here i want to acknowledge you all with the musical instruments used in country music.....


The mountain dulcimers are the most important and vibrant country music instrument.It is said that it was originated over 200 years ago.Dulcimers are only used in country music.The first dulcimer was made in PENNSYLVALIA in the late 1780s.Dulcimers were first used in the folk music of Virginia,West Virginia,Ohio,Tennessee and North Carolina.The sound of Dulcimer is unmatched.

The best Dulcimers players so far are Lois Hornbostel,Leo
Kretzner,David Schnaufer,Lorraine Lee,Larkin Bryant,Howwie Mitchell,Holly Tannen and Barb Truex.


During the early days of Country music,Accordion played a very significant role.In later years it was replaced by the steel guitar but recently many country artists started using it again .True country Accordionist are very rare breed.Pee Wee King is a very fine Accordionist who gave the Accordion much more exposure with his beautiful recording of the Tenneessee Waltz.Country artists like Hank Williams,Bill Monroe,Roy Acuff,Marion Martin started using Accordion in their recordings.
There are two styles of Playing Accordion and they are SLIPSTYLE & COUNTRY WHIRLS.The first Accordion was made in 1728.


The harmonica is a free reed wind instrument which is played by blowing air into it or drawing air out by placing lips over individual holes (reed chambers) or multiple holes. The pressure caused by blowing or drawing air into the reed chambers causes a reed or multiple reeds to vibrate up and down creating sound. Each chamber has multiple, variable-tuned brass or bronze reeds which are secured at one end and loose on the other end, with the loose end vibrating and creating sound.
Harmonica was developed in Europe in the early 19th century.It w
as first appeared in Vienna.There are two techniques of playing Harmonica.The first technique is called VIBRATO,where a shaking note is given to harmonica by closing and opening hands around the harmonica.The second technique is called HEAD-SHAKING technique which is used in country music as well as blues.It is the moving of lips between the holes of harmonica very rapidly.
The best Harmonica players from the world of country music
are:Charlie McCoy,Mickey Raphael,Jimmy Fadden,Terry McMillian,Mike Caldwell,Delbert McClinton,Leo Enry,klint Black,Kevin Garinger,Eddie K Lively.


The guitar arrived in America with early European settlers during the Industrial Revolution.As the guitar became popular in stringbands, a number of guitarists began creating their own innovative styles.the first successful solid body guitar, and its success largely come from country pickers. In the 1990's, though, the technology has changed, no country guitar style, acoustic or electric, is truly out of date, and new ideas continue to flow.But stilll this guitar hasn't lost its charm and other genres also picking up rhythm from it. Well there are so many artisits who used it,i should say that almost evry artist used this guitar for his recordings,so no need to mention the name and each one who played this guitar is simply great in his own way.


Fiddles aren't just for grannies and cowboys! Even though fiddles are often used in country and folk music they are played in almost every style of music too.
Fiddles and violins are the same instrument - violin is just another name for the wood instrument. The fiddle belongs to the string family.
The main instrument used in Celtic music and Irish jigs is the fiddle.You don't have to be a genius to play but this is one instrument that requires a lot of coordination, skill and musical ability.The main instrument used in Celtic music and Irish jigs is the fiddle. Natalie MacMaster is a very popular Canadian fiddler. The Irish group of musical clones, The Corrs, are always fiddlin' away. A young fiddler from Canada's Maritimes, Ashley MacIssac, took fiddlin' to the next level by combining it with techno and pop music

Well these are some of the typical country music instruments that are used in country music that make the melody more soulful.Country music is beautiful just because of the coordination of lyrics and the instruments..There are other instruments as well like drums,Bass and electric guitar but these instruments are used in almost evry genre so need not to mention that.Hope you all will like my this article and will try to listen to the country songs n try to rematch the sound of instruments i have told you about.

At any point if you want to ask about anything regarding COUNTRY MUSIC,just ask me.




Hello everyone, this is ‘Nilima’ here n my pals calls me ‘Mety’.I’m a kind of crazy person and for me everything is juz EXTREMEEE whether its love,hate,fun n etc.Its my new start towards the amazing world of words or you can say Pullu Bhaiya’s world. Want to thank him to make me a part of his wonderful world n for encouraging me.And want to give a rocking start to ma first blog and that is why writing sumthng on one ma favourite song “ROCK ON!!”.Its music rocks me out! Its every single word is so full of life and literally seems to gives each one of us a worthy message!

The song goes like this :-

dil kya kehta hai mera

kya main bataoontum ye samjhoge shaayad

main pagal hoon

dil karta hai tv tower pe

main chad jaoon

chilla chilla ke main ye

sabse keh doon

rock on!!

hai ye waqt ka ishaara

rock on!!

har lamha pukaara

rock on!!

yuheen dekhta hai kya tu

rock on!!

zindagi millegi na dubaara…

dil karta hai sadkon parzor se gaoon

sab apne apne ghar ki khidki kholen

phir main aise josheelay geet sunaoon

mere geeton ko sunke sab ye bolen

rock on!!

hai ye waqt ka ishaara

rock on!!

har lamha pukaara

rock on!!

yuheen dekhta hai kya turock on!!

zindagi millegi na dubaara…

jaise jeene ko dil chahe

jee waise tu

meri toh hai bas ye raaye ki

apne jitne bhi armaan

hain poore karle tu

rock on!!

hai ye waqt ka ishaara

rock on!!

har lamha pukaara

rock on!!

yuheen dekhta hai kya tu

rock on!!

zindagi millegi na dubaara…

Live the every single moment of life to the fullest coz if its once gone can ne’er be regained.Click as much pics as you can and capture every single memory of every passing moment.Smile as much as you can coz we got life juz once so don’t let it waste in crying and being sad!Turn all ur dreams into reality. Practice as if you are worst and perform as if you are best.And don’t be crazy to see this world but juz make urself in such a position that one day this world will become crazy to see ‘YOU’.Be crazy! And do whatsoever your heart says to you.Fuck off the world n its people too.

Stay cool & Keep smiling!

Will be back soon with more good stuff..Till then take care!

N love you bhaiya!


DEVIANTART - awesome Site for Pictures

I came across this page a couple of months page and If one is blogging about an article related to human emotions like love, hatred, depression etc etc then this page serves a great purpose of providing some awesome pics :)

bas ek Hi problem hai wahan that some pics have their rights reserved so one was to be very careful in using them and The safe way to use them is to provide a link back to the original picture in the end of ur article... :)

this way U acknowledge the original source and morally use the pic in the correct way!

those of u, who are passionate about randomly changing their DP( display pics) on orkut, facebook etc etc... and are in search of some good pic for collection !! do check this out



Food for Thought

Winning and losing are a part of life.No person who is successful in life has achieved that position without facing failures.Failures only encourage us to perform better next time.There are ups and downs in every field be it education,entertainment,music or sports.But it seems the frenzied crowd in India does not understand this.There unruly and uncivilized behaviour reflects this every time the Indian Cricket team loses a match or tournament.They resort to wild and belligerent method to show their anguish.These range from burning effigies,taking out funeral processions of cricketers,garlanding their posters with shoes and blackening posters with shoe polish.This kind of behaviour is highly deplorable and against the spirit of sportsmanship.One should realize how does the cricketers feel when they see this kind of behaviour from the citizens.They have put their best to win and this kind of behaviour from the countrymen is demoralizing for them.Australian cricket team who dominated the cricket world from 1999 to 2007 winning three world cups in a row, put up a very poor show in the recently concluded T-20 World Cup.But did their countrymen received them in such a way.Srilanka who was the runner up in the tournament also did not get this kind of welcome after returning to their country.Those protesting in such uncontrolled way should put themselves in the shoes of cricketers.They should understand how does it feel when someone protests in such wild manner over their failures.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Verve

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony(Cruel Intentions)
Official website-http://www.theverve.co.uk/

This is the first song i have heard of verve`s but i really think..its a magic song..!!
Any one can fall in love with this SONG!

Well they are out with new album(2008) named.
The Verve - Forth [2008]
Forth is the fourth album by English alternative rock band The Verve. It was released internationally on August 25, 2008, and a day later in North America.[2] The band reformed in 2007, having broken up in 1999. Forth is their first album of new material since their 1997 album Urban Hymns.

The album's first single, "Love Is Noise," received its first airplay by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 on June 23, 2008.[3] The song reached #4 on the UK Singles Chart and became a summer hit in Europe. The band also released a non-album track, "Mover," as a free digital download a week later.

All songs written by The Verve, except where noted.

1. "Sit and Wonder" – 6:52
2. "Love Is Noise" (Richard Ashcroft, The Verve) – 5:29
3. "Rather Be" (Ashcroft) – 5:38
4. "Judas" – 6:19
5. "Numbness" – 6:35
6. "I See Houses" (Ashcroft) – 5:37
7. "Noise Epic" – 8:14
8. "Valium Skies" (Ashcroft) – 4:34
9. "Columbo" – 7:30
* "Ma Ma Soul" – 5:45 (LP version, Japanese CD edition, and U.S. iTunes Store exclusive bonus recording)[10]
* "Muhammad Ali" – 6:26 (LP version, Japanese CD edition, and U.S. iTunes Store pre-order exclusive bonus recording)[10]
10. "Appalachian Springs" (Ashcroft) – 7:34

Even they have given hits from this album.

some songs recommendations!
1.The Black Ghosts - Full Moon(Twilight)

2.Counting Crows - Colorblind

3.Bic Runga - Sway
4.311- Love Song

Actually they are my hits i like them....hope you will also like them!

This is my first time i am posting..so.i don`t know the rules and way to do it.
I will probably learn!

Rishabh Verma



SAW THIS MOVIE FOR THE 6th Time in total and second time in hindi this afternoon on U-tv Binbass Movies... The best performance of Tom cruise that according to me...!! though I havent seen BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY which too as many say was his par excellence work! jack nicholson, one of my fav ever was as fabulous as always!! and the climax sequense is a masterpiece in itself! a hindi movie called shaurya was its adaptation but I have not seen that yet, though I am sure it would not be even 10% as good as the original

PLOT was as follows....

Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise), son of the late Lionel Kaffee (who held the positions of Attorney General and Navy Judge Advocate General), is an inexperienced U.S. Navy lawyer who leads the defense in the court-martial of two Marines, PFC Louden Downey (James Marshall) and LCpl Harold Dawson (Wolfgang Bodison), who are accused of murdering a fellow Marine of their unit, PFC William T. Santiago (Michael DeLorenzo), at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba.

When Dawson and Downey are later arrested for Santiago's murder, Naval investigator LCDR JoAnne Galloway (Demi Moore) suspects that they, who were top-class Marines compared to Santiago, were carrying out a "code red" (a euphemism for a hazing procedure by which a Marine who fails to keep up to standard is "trained" by other members of his unit until he is up to it).

Kaffee's plea-bargaining methods would have prevented the case from ever going to court and causing embarrassment to the Marine Corps and potentially mar Col Jessup's chances of advancement, since he is being considered for the position of Director of Operations for the National Security Council. Kaffee has never even been to court (except as a defendant when his driving license was suspended) and thus can devote himself to his passion of softball. He also lives in the shadow of his late father Lionel who is considered one of the greatest trial lawyers of his time.


In court, Kaffee questions Jessup and produces circumstantial evidence that does suggest that there was never any intention of transferring Santiago off the base. When this proves to be insufficient, Kaffee confronts Jessup regarding the incompatibility of his ordering Santiago's transfer (ostensibly for his safety from hazing) with his assertion that he ordered that Santiago was not to be touched and that his orders were always followed. When Kaffee asks Jessup point-blank, "Did you order the Code Red?" the judge announces that he is in contempt of court. However, Jessup cannot resist the challenge. Kaffee exclaims "I want the truth!" and Jessup declares emphatically, "You can't handle the truth!".

Because he defends his country, Jessup does not see why Kaffee, who has never seen action, should question his methods: "I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said 'Thank you' and went on your way." Santiago's death "while tragic, probably saved lives." Pressed by Kaffee, "Did you order the Code Red?", and furious that he has to hide what he views to be necessary conduct, Jessup bellows "You're goddamn right I did!"

The film was nominated for four Academy Awards:

A MUST WATCH AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MOVIE in case u havent watched it yet....
check out its trailor below....


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ROCKET SCIENCE - movie review...

a couple of minutes back on HBO , I finished watching this movie ROCKET SCIENCE...
which has again made me think that how amazing and unique is every second hollywood movie that you land up on! I mean... from where the hell do they come up with unique concepts every now and then!!

this movie was though not that entertaining as the promo trailor promised in afternoon but still a decent one! the acting performance of the lead actor was no less then brilliant and the sound track was awesome!

let me tell you what the PLOT WAS ....

Life is not easy for teenager Hal Hefner of suburban Plainsboro, New Jersey. His parents have abruptly split; his older brother, Earl, is a budding obsessive-compulsive who pushes him around; and he has an unpredictable stutter that makes high school an exercise in embarrassment, self-effacement and terrible lunches. Given that his active mind and quick wit tend to be obscured by his problematic voice, Hal is not an obvious candidate for his school's high-powered debate team. So it comes as a complete, though not unwelcome, surprise when the team's star member, the hyper-articulate Ginny Ryerson, approaches Hal on the school bus one afternoon. The Plainsboro debaters need a replacement for Ginny's former partner, who dropped out of school following a calamitous performance at the New Jersey State High School Policy Debate Championships the previous spring. Ginny, who can compress an eight minute argument into ten seconds without breaking a sweat, dropping a word, or botching a barb, proceeds to present her case for Hal's potential as a public speaker. She has seen Hal, she has seen his promise. Hal is more than just shocked, or even dazed; he is smitten. As the notion of debating takes hold in Hal's mind, so, too, do thoughts of the attractive and dazzlingly confident Ginny. Gambling that his voice will cooperate with the rest of him, Hal joins the Plainsboro High debate team as Ginny's partner. Trundling back and forth to her house with his ever-growing pile of research, Hal starts to see new possibilities in his life. The road ahead holds many twists, turns and bumps for Hal; despite his best efforts, people and circumstances prove more unpredictable than any stutter. But Hal rises to the occasion, and in doing so he scores a victory that has nothing to do with winning a debate--and everything to do with finding his voice.

GO ENJOY THIS PROMO AND CATCH IT UP AGAIN ON HBO if it gets repeat :) tc god bless!!



Hello everyone,I am Nikkhil Verma.I hope many of you know me but in case if I am stranger to you so here I am extending my hands of friendship towards you.First of all just want to thank my brother Pulkit who introduced me to this world of blogging and gave me an honor to post the best of my knowledge about different things here.I firmly believe that if you have knowledge about something you should always share that with your friends.As they say in hindi that "vidhya dhan sarva pradhanam"...so its always share a part of your knowledge with the one you know and even with them whom you dont know..

This is my first post to any blog and I am trying to acknowledge you all with the best of my knowledge about the most beautiful genre of music and that is "COUNTRY MUSIC"

COUNTRY MUSIC:It is said that the birthplace of country music or in simple words the place from where country music was originated is Bristol,Tennessee in 1927.There was an engineer called Ralph Peer who set up a recording studio there as a work for his engineering and later to check how does it works,he asked Jimmie rodgers and carter family to sing some songs ,who later on became the first stars of country music.They were the people who worked in rural areas.There was a mill worker,Fiddlin John Carson who was asked by Peer to sing in his studios.He sang some old familiar tunes.The early country music was recorded by Victor records.later on Peer and Victor records started to find some new artist who can sing in the same style and beingin countryside they named this tyle as "COUNTRY".

At the time of Great Depression rural people were forced to move towards urban areas ,they carried away the country songs and country music with them to urban areas,there also it was new to the urban people and when urban people heard the country people singing some typical tones they also named it "country songs"

"BARN DANCE"was a radio programme started in 1920's that gave popularity to the country music and people started loving this genre of music.Although that time some genres that are so popular these days were not into existense but people were more into classical music of the era.From 1940-1950 Atlanta Radio station gave popularity to country music.

The country music was gaining popularity but it was the time when there was a need of performing country singer,so there it got HANK WILLIAMS,who brought honky-tonk ethos in the mainstream of country music and became the popular star,,during 1960,CHET ATKINS
was on fire as a great country singer followed by ALAN JACKSON in 1980 and then came the neverending flood of country artists who put the country music on the zenith of popularity.
Few country artist who make the world of country music so popular are::

  1. Johnny Cash
  2. Hank Williams
  3. Merle Haggard
  4. Patsy Cline
  5. Jimmie Rodgers
  6. Bill Monroe
  7. Carter Family
  8. Willie Nelson
  9. Waylon Jennings
  10. George Jones
  11. Conway Twitty
  12. Bob Wills
  13. Tammy Wynette
  14. Loretta Lynn
  15. Buck Owens
  16. Kitty Wells
  17. Dolly Parton
  18. Lefty Frizzell
  19. Ray Price
  20. Eddy Arnold
  21. Ernest Tubb
  22. Webb Pierce
  23. Ronnie Milsap
  24. Jim Reeves
  25. Charley Pride
  26. The Stanley Brothers
  27. George Strait
  28. Flatt & Scruggs
  29. Marty Robbins
  30. Garth Brooks
  31. Elvis Presley
  32. Hank Snow
  33. Don Gibson
  34. Hank Williams Jr.
  35. Roger Miller
  36. Johnny Horton
  37. Charlie Rich
  38. Red Foley
  39. Louvin Brothers
  40. Statler Brothers
  41. Roy Acuff
  42. Gene Autry
  43. Hank Thompson
  44. Bobby Bare
  45. Chet Atkins
  46. George Morgan
  47. Porter Wagoner
  48. Tennessee Ernie Ford
  49. Vern Gosdin
  50. Sonny James
  51. Reba McEntire
  52. Tom T. Hall
  53. Roy Rogers
  54. Tanya Tucker
  55. Bill Anderson
  56. The Oak Ridge Boys
  57. Faron Young
  58. Earl Thomas Conley
  59. Alabama
  60. Barbara Mandrell
  61. Gene Watson
  62. Crystal Gayle
  63. Kenny Rogers
  64. Shania Twain
  65. Glen Campbell
  66. Rodney Crowell
  67. Keith Whitley
  68. Dwight Yoakam
  69. Marty Stuart
  70. Patsy Montana
  71. Don Williams
  72. Steve Wariner
  73. The Judds
  74. Jean Shepard
  75. Roy Clark
  76. Emmylou Harris
  77. Mel Tillis
  78. John Conlee
  79. Ricky Skaggs
  80. Dottie West
  81. T.G. Sheppard
  82. Johnny Paycheck
  83. Bellamy Brothers
  84. Randy Travis
  85. Lynn Anderson
  86. Carl Smith
  87. Dave Dudley
  88. John Denver
  89. Vince Gill
  90. Patty Loveless
  91. Alan Jackson
  92. Clint Black
  93. The Dixie Chicks
  94. Brooks & Dunn
  95. Tim McGraw
  96. Toby Keith
  97. Anne Murray
  98. Diamond Rio
  99. Mark Chesnutt
  100. Alison Krauss + Union Station
These artists have contributed their best in making country music so popular,in my next posts i will bring in the information about some of the best country singers..

till then keep smiling. :)


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