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NUMEROLOGY:The magic of Numbers

The science of ASTROLOGY,PALMSTRY and NUMEROLOGY is quite famous all across the world.People go to Palm readers,Tarrot readers and to Numerologits to know that what is stored in for them in their future.Be it a matter of love,marriage,business or any other issue we always give importance to astrologers to give their view on our decisions regarding these issues.
Well I am lucky enough to have an Astrologer,Palm reader and a Numerologist as the head of my family.My father Mr.C.L.Verma,who is a Sr.Executive in a very reputed insurance company,has excelled himself in these sciences of stars,numbers and lines of palm.He is such a great personality that whatever he tells to people prove to be true sooner or later.Being a Sr.Executive, he doesnt get much time for this but on sundays you can see people calling him and visiting him.I asked my dad to teach me at least one thing so he finally agreed and taught me the science of Numerology.So whatever I have learnt so far I am sharing that with you.You check out what is your number and see what does your number tells about you.Here we go.........................

NUMBER 1::This number belongs to the people who first saw this planet on 1,10,19 or 28.The people with this number are the most successful people on this earth.If your number is 1 it means that you will always get success in your life.You have a strong tolerating power.You have to face struggle in life but the secret of your success is that you never get hopeless during the ups and downs in life.You have a good quality of leadership.You are tallented by birth.You want the upliftment of evryone around you and for that you can even sacrifice yourself.You understand your friends and help them in each and every circumstances.You make everyone your friend and you believe in holding on that friendship for lifeterm.You have a generous nature.Your friends keep blind faith on you and follow you blindly.You believe in presenting your work with beauty.You see the things beyond evryone's imagination.You are lucky because success comes to your way in a very short time.You give your full attention to your goal.The decisions you take are very successful and never get spoiled.You live carefree.You are your own producers and own directors.

NUMBER 2::This number belongs to the people who first opened their eyes on 2,11,20 or 29.The people with this number are very creative and busy.If you are number 2,then you are of emotional nature.You are mentally very strong.You find happiness when others are happy and getting success.You are very supportive and cooperative.Your nature is very kind.You are the true innovaters of beauty.The way you recognise the beauty and love,others can never do that way.You have an attractive power.You may have a married life full of misunderstandings.

NUMBER 3::This number belongs to the people who cut that cake on 3,12,21,30.If you are number 3 then you have got a great personality.You are a mixture of all the qualities of number 1 and 2.You present yourself in front of others in a very beautiful and systematic manner.You have a great convincing power,you make others agree to what you talk.You are not a millionaire but your tallent and hardwork can make you a millionaire.You are spendthrift but before spending money you think thrice and utilize the money in meaningful stuff.You have a high standard of thinking and look for high designations.You may face failures in your big plans.You expect sudden changes from life.You will not get anything from brothers or family but you are always ready to help them.You also get confused most of the times while doing some important work.You love to work like busy bee.You hate interference.You have big heart.You are short tempered but that too for a short time.Travelling will bring a turning point in your life.

NUMBER 4::This number belongs to the people who blow those candles on 4,13,22 or 31.You are number 4 and so confused personality.Though you want to live a sysytematic way of life but circumstances get clumsy and your way start shaking.You always face obstacles while you do some work.You never get angry but if by chance that anger overcomes you then you never care about anything and sometimes lead to your own loss.You do work in hurry but later you regret for your mistakes.You have a soft wax nature.People often try to make use of you and even if you know that they are using you ,you keep on helping them.You face sudden changes in life.Your plans get failed most of the time because you keep on changing your plans in an hour or two.You hate criticising anyone.People love to share their secrets with you because you never reveal them.You face enemities in life but your enemies can never make any differenece in your life.You believe on others and walk on the path told by them.You spend your mst of the time in thinking rather than executing that.Sometime you get the feeling of being isolated and unimportant.You will get success in the mid 20's of your life.

NUMBER 5::This number belongs to the people who add one more year in their life on 5,14 or 23.If you are number 5,you have got a an attractive personality.You are perfect in making your place in others heart very quickly.You believe in having lifeterm relationship.You dot waste your time in useless stuff.You are very punctual actually.You love traveling.You are very intelligent and have got a sharp mind.You are very adaptable and can survive in any circumstances.You are very innovative and always new ideas keep creeping up in your mind.You want to get excelled in each and every field.You are business minded and give importance to side business.You face failures but you have a strong will power that you start the same work with double hardwork.You enjoy doing every work.You love taking chances and risks and thats the only secret of your success.People are always ready to help you.You have a great quality of learning things very quickly.You believe in success and you get success on your own.You love yourself very much.

NUMBER 6::This number belongs to the people who first felt the touch of their mother on 6,15 or 24.You are number 6 with impressive personality.You have got the real beauty.You always care about maintaining the shape of your body.You hate ugliness.You are a great lover of music,art and poetry.You spend your time on these things.You love to have antiques.You always seem to be eager o know that what is there in others mind.You love worldly things.You get success because of your plannings.You have a smiling face.People feel happy in your company.You are considered as the light of the party.You have a naughty nature as well.You cant sit at the same place for a long time.You love travelling.You dressed yourself in such a way so that evryone casts his eyes upon you.You love people who behave well.You are quite fashionable and love modernisation.You adopt latest fashion.You love white color.Your nature is quite loving and caring.You can never live alone.You want someone with you everytime.You get discouraged if the work you are doing is not going on the right way.

NUMBER 7::This number belongs to the people who brought happiness for their parents on 7,16 or 25.If your number is 7 then you are a very kind personality.People of this number are mostly philosophers and writers.You are very intelligent and evrytime keeps on thinking pure thoughts for the world.You love to take challenges and fight hard with them.You dont consider anything waste and try to make the best use of everything around you.You start your work with the worst of difficulties but once you hold on that you surely get success in that.Your imagination is os beautiful.You are more courageous and bold than any other person of any number.You love to take pain and keep on doing the work if its not done.You believe in destiny and lucky you,you have got a shining destiny that will bring success to you and will make u sit on the allevations of success.You believe in doing work with great satisfaction and new techniques.You believe in doing work in your own style,you hate copy-paste technique.You take decisions that are fruitful.You hate doing anywork under pressure and you always do what you feel is right.You have future like a shining star.You have a huge friend circle because of your sweet and friendly nature.Though you remain busy in your own but even then people around you love you and respect you.You change yourself according to circumstances.You have a sixth sense of knowing that what other person is thinking and what are his emotions for you.People can never forget you because you mark some irreplacable memories in their life.You are a good learner.You love to do adventures.Your friends are your biggest asset.

This number belongs to the people who cried first on 8,17 or 26.Your number says that you are very busy and always create confusions for others.You have quality to get success because you are courageous but circumstances bring difficulties in between.You never tell your secrets to anyone.You have seen major changes in your life that came to you all of a sudden.You never show your problems to anyone.You keep smile on your face no matter ho much tensed you are.You do work in peaceful environment and present it with beauty.You say things after knowing the weightage of that.You are simple serious and sober.If you are someone's best friend then you are someone;s worst enemy as well.You can do the worst for your enemy.You never go for the work that you don't like to do,no matter you are being served with bulks of money for that.You hate gossiping.You look stone hearted but you are very kind and loving.You hate cheap talks and pranks.You love to help poors.You love living the simple life and hate being artificial.You give importance to money and that's why always think to do it right way to earn money.You are not so religious.Business will open the doors of success for you.

NUMBER 9::This number belongs to the people who first opened their eyes on 9,18 or 27.If your number is 9 then it means you are quite bold and brave personality with strong and muscular built.You hate being defeated in any aspect.You do your work with dedication and dont think for the results.You love to take risks and chances in life.You are mentally strong as well.Sometimes you go against the society and do works that society hates.You are a leader.You appear as a stone heart person but you are very soft with the matter of heart.You love discipline and you want your work done by hook or crook.You are full of fire and spark.You are over excited.You can take advantages from others.Your anger can ruin you so keep a hold on it.You want popularity and publicity.Sometimes you create problems among your friends.You cant live in peaceful environment for long time.Be careful while riding any vehicle.Love is in full quantity with flirt.Yes you are flirty at times.You love yourself the most.You hate asking for help to others.You have a great power of togetherness even though you are not so much into social works.You will get success only if you play safe with business.


PULKIT June 29, 2009 at 10:37 PM  

sab kuch acha hi tha usmein :)

antara dutta July 1, 2009 at 11:23 AM  

hu dis is realy gud yar <:)>

antara dutta July 1, 2009 at 11:24 AM  
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Kartikeya July 15, 2009 at 3:03 PM  

wow bro!!!!! very good post!!!
mine is no.2.........nething more abt me u know???

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