Tuesday, June 30, 2009


From within the silent shores
comes a screaming call
from a voice well known
An attention captured!

In the stormy night
where thunder roars
A sudden spark lits
The darkness broken!

Recalling my memories
looking back to shadows
That staring broken gaze
A story re-opens!

Some unanswered questions
certain unaccepted answers
two confused blazing eyes
Their sad spark noticed!

Drops of mist, the dew in them
falling upon me through my soul
A dusty wind blows a flash
Some vision fades into illusions!

Retracing the paths of past
falling back I shatter apart
encountering a painful truth!
A mirror witnessed!

I often doubt If I'm worthy
of what I had been blessed of
Confessing to my heart
A Dream concludes half way!

- Pulkit tiwari
(13th march , 01:27)

NOTES - I had always been hesitant to share any visual philosphical poetry at any public meduim right from childhood but have written ample ammount of strange verses, whose actual sense I believe that only I understand! In short they are poetic blunders but some mystifying words and nothing more... this one seems to be just one more like that! :D . mirror metaphor. is the key to this poetic piece actually!

ts a poem based on a dream... where i saw myself... drenched in rain...on a cold night... standing in a lonely foggy street....
suddenly a voice comes and i turn around... i feel i have heard it...i see two eyes in the dark corner of street.... i see sadness in them...i see red tears in them... and then i see that its shinking hard on me,...i go close... and when i reach the end of street...in the end is nothing... but a mirror....
its was me...those eyes were mine,that voice was mine,that sadnedd was mine... i witnessed a mirror... it was attrocious... which means cruel...as i saw myself in a very sad broken shattered state... it had atonement... which means "pashyataam in hindi", meaning regret.... about something...i become awake and dream breaks....thats the end of poem
now see the pic again.... in the blog with the poem...ul understand the whole poem


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