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As every genre of music has its own style,own rhythm,its own lyrical quality ,scale and pitch so does there is the difference in the instruments used.Every genre of music has somewhat different musical instruments that produces a sound which makes the music style different and thus music sounds different and makes us able to choose our favorite style of music.....
Talking about country music,it is the only genre of music that has very different kinds of musical instruments that make the music so melodious,pl
easing and soulful.So here i want to acknowledge you all with the musical instruments used in country music.....


The mountain dulcimers are the most important and vibrant country music instrument.It is said that it was originated over 200 years ago.Dulcimers are only used in country music.The first dulcimer was made in PENNSYLVALIA in the late 1780s.Dulcimers were first used in the folk music of Virginia,West Virginia,Ohio,Tennessee and North Carolina.The sound of Dulcimer is unmatched.

The best Dulcimers players so far are Lois Hornbostel,Leo
Kretzner,David Schnaufer,Lorraine Lee,Larkin Bryant,Howwie Mitchell,Holly Tannen and Barb Truex.


During the early days of Country music,Accordion played a very significant role.In later years it was replaced by the steel guitar but recently many country artists started using it again .True country Accordionist are very rare breed.Pee Wee King is a very fine Accordionist who gave the Accordion much more exposure with his beautiful recording of the Tenneessee Waltz.Country artists like Hank Williams,Bill Monroe,Roy Acuff,Marion Martin started using Accordion in their recordings.
There are two styles of Playing Accordion and they are SLIPSTYLE & COUNTRY WHIRLS.The first Accordion was made in 1728.


The harmonica is a free reed wind instrument which is played by blowing air into it or drawing air out by placing lips over individual holes (reed chambers) or multiple holes. The pressure caused by blowing or drawing air into the reed chambers causes a reed or multiple reeds to vibrate up and down creating sound. Each chamber has multiple, variable-tuned brass or bronze reeds which are secured at one end and loose on the other end, with the loose end vibrating and creating sound.
Harmonica was developed in Europe in the early 19th century.It w
as first appeared in Vienna.There are two techniques of playing Harmonica.The first technique is called VIBRATO,where a shaking note is given to harmonica by closing and opening hands around the harmonica.The second technique is called HEAD-SHAKING technique which is used in country music as well as blues.It is the moving of lips between the holes of harmonica very rapidly.
The best Harmonica players from the world of country music
are:Charlie McCoy,Mickey Raphael,Jimmy Fadden,Terry McMillian,Mike Caldwell,Delbert McClinton,Leo Enry,klint Black,Kevin Garinger,Eddie K Lively.


The guitar arrived in America with early European settlers during the Industrial Revolution.As the guitar became popular in stringbands, a number of guitarists began creating their own innovative styles.the first successful solid body guitar, and its success largely come from country pickers. In the 1990's, though, the technology has changed, no country guitar style, acoustic or electric, is truly out of date, and new ideas continue to flow.But stilll this guitar hasn't lost its charm and other genres also picking up rhythm from it. Well there are so many artisits who used it,i should say that almost evry artist used this guitar for his recordings,so no need to mention the name and each one who played this guitar is simply great in his own way.


Fiddles aren't just for grannies and cowboys! Even though fiddles are often used in country and folk music they are played in almost every style of music too.
Fiddles and violins are the same instrument - violin is just another name for the wood instrument. The fiddle belongs to the string family.
The main instrument used in Celtic music and Irish jigs is the fiddle.You don't have to be a genius to play but this is one instrument that requires a lot of coordination, skill and musical ability.The main instrument used in Celtic music and Irish jigs is the fiddle. Natalie MacMaster is a very popular Canadian fiddler. The Irish group of musical clones, The Corrs, are always fiddlin' away. A young fiddler from Canada's Maritimes, Ashley MacIssac, took fiddlin' to the next level by combining it with techno and pop music

Well these are some of the typical country music instruments that are used in country music that make the melody more soulful.Country music is beautiful just because of the coordination of lyrics and the instruments..There are other instruments as well like drums,Bass and electric guitar but these instruments are used in almost evry genre so need not to mention that.Hope you all will like my this article and will try to listen to the country songs n try to rematch the sound of instruments i have told you about.

At any point if you want to ask about anything regarding COUNTRY MUSIC,just ask me.



PULKIT June 28, 2009 at 12:20 PM  

I cannot decrible in a comment how wonderful and spellbound job ur doing as a blogger, if I am Not mistaken THIS IS UR SECOND ARTICLE... as a blogger!
and it seems that its the 100th article... ur so so professional in ur presentation and writing nikhil :D

awesomeeeeeeee! hugs!!

hey bro... Fiddle looks like voilin , are they both different? and bagpipper country music mein koi role play karta hai kya?

PULKIT June 28, 2009 at 12:24 PM  


U MUST HAVE NOTICED ... that ur blog post was saved as a draft for a long time and so... when u finally published it, it occupied the same spot on page... above the post which was the last published post when u started writing this post...

hope u got my point!

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TRY IT AND LET ME KNOW... if something is unclear !! :D

NIKKHIL VERMA June 28, 2009 at 12:53 PM  

hey pulkit dont make me to fly high n high sweeto.....yup this is my second post as a blogger but still i want to do much....and ya even i was wondering about my post date.....anyway i got the point n will keep that in mind from next time.....i m doing this all just because of u...thanksss nhi bolunga but u have really taught me something that i was dying to u brotha....

NIKKHIL VERMA June 28, 2009 at 12:56 PM  

bagpiper has nothing to do with country was generally used in the military bands at that time even now it is used there...bagpiper is generally used in tango dances or latin music u can some classics but not in country thing is that violin n fiddle r same but therez ifference in appearance and way of playing...thats all.....

PULKIT June 28, 2009 at 5:24 PM  

okies bro! got ya! but I love those scottish bagpiper voices that comes in the mountains of scotland....

movie braveheart dekhi se I am crazy for it :)

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