Saturday, January 22, 2011


Height of astonishment: A thief hiding in a police station!

Height of stupidity: A man telling his mirror "What is the reason man that you look like me??"

Height of minuteness: A pimple on the dimple on the right cheek of an ant!

Height of courage: A man standing on a railway track and telling the approaching train "Let's face each other"!

Height of generosity: A rich man giving a sleeveless shirt with its front and back missing to a beggar!

Height of desperation: A one handed man clinging to a cliff with back itching!

Height of obedience: A servant waking up his master from a sound sleep to give him sleeping pills!

Height of frustation: A friendly well wishing neighbour ringing a doorbell at 12 midnight to wish "Have a good sleep"!


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