Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Funny Interview

I GOT THIS AS A SCRAP ON ORKUT FROM MY SIS ANTARA - :D :D I am sharing this with all of you here....

Interviewer :Let me check your word Power...

Sardaar :Ok Sir ....

Interviewer : Tell me the opposite of .....good.

Sardar :hmmmm..... Bad

Interviewer : Come

Sardar : Go.

Interviewer : Ugly.

Sardar : Pichlli.

Interviewer : PICHLLIIIII?


Interviewer : Shut Up.

Sardar : Keep Talking.

Interviewer :ok now stop these all..

sardaar:ok now carry on this all

Interviewer :abe...chup ho ja..chup ho ja..chup ho jaaaa

sardaar:abe bolta rah..bolta rah..bolta rahhh

Interviewer :Areeee yaaar

sardaar: areeee dushmannnnnn

Interviewer : Get Out.

Sardar : Come In.

Interviewer : Oh my God.

Sardar : Oh my Devil.

Interviewer : U r Rejected.

sardaar: I m selected...


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