Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hello friends.Nice to be back here once again.This time I am here with a very important work and I honestly need u all to join my hands and turn my dreams into reality.Yes,I have seen a dream to make every child literate and educated,because we all know that these are the children who will have to hold the responsibilities of making India a developed and prosperous nation in the near future.But the saddest part is that still there are children who desperately want to get proper education but lack of resources put their wishes back in the pocket.There are people who want their children to get higher and proper education,in some cases even the children are brilliant but lack of money made them to wipe their tears silently n sit back.
So I have thought something that can possibbly fulfill their wishes.All I need is your support.I am launching a social group by the name of PANKHURIYA---PETALS OF LOVE,CARE & HELP..................
Yes PANKHURIYA is a social group which is first of all a 0 money group....I am not asking for any funds or any financial help.Now this might sound a bit odd to you that then how we are going to help such children??
As I said that this group is for the education of those children who quit their education just because they or their parents are unable to provide them the books that cost too much and also the huge amount of school fees seem like a heavy burden to them.Sometimes even if they go to buy these books on second hand rate basis then only their pocket doesn't allow them to go for that.Children of India are the children who can change the face of India and therefore I thought to collect such books n other study materials from all my friends and from you,the books that u probably sell or give someone who can afford...but think about these children who are willing to study but lack of money is a hurdle....i need no money,not even ur precious time.All I want you to do is that please contribute as many books as you can to my organisation so that these children also go for studies.I also want all schools to come ahead n make it a point to educate atleast 5-10 children by providing them free education atleast upto 10th grade.
I want all the education boards across the country to kindly join me and all the schools to make it a point to give free and proper education to any 5 children .We can definitely bring a change by doing this.Suppose if 10 schools join us and each school provide free education to 10 students then only this can make 100 children educated.After completing 10th they can go for vocational courses and can earn their livelihood atleast.
These things are for the future but we have to make it a start so that India can witness a glorious future ahead.....join me if u r with me and bring a change..

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